Tu Illustratu

TU!! (Aka Nutshapon Tusangiam 28 y/o) is the digital and street artist based in Bangkok ,Thailand. With 3 years of professional artist career, TU!! Has worked with many companies or brands such as , Fanta , INTEL, GSB, Epson, Bitkub, KX Plus , France Embassy, etc. He has exhibited over 5 shows both nationally and internationally ( recently in Berlin Germany). His favorite motto is “ Be Your Own Speaker If They Can’t Hear You” as he believes that not only art skills, marketing skills and branding also matter most. You can find his work at www.instagram.com/tu_illustratu 

Consume from the eyes of me : Consumption ,like it or not, is the basic , instinctive human nature. We define things , we consume things and we digest. The worse we consume ,the worse we become. The better we consume, yes, the better we become. Finding the way to consume great and positive arts is something to think about. It pleases your eyes. It pleases your soul. Somewhat I hope you find your art that way through your consumption! 

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