Nathanaël Koffi

… is a 27-year-old visual artist.

He likes to touch different supports and divert certain everyday objects to sublimate the world around him.

The intuitive part of his work balances the precision and rigor inherent in the realization of his works.

committed, he likes to recycle and give a second life to various recyclable materials within their limit such as plastic

This apparent opposition balances everything and allows me to maintain a threshold of excitement essential to the realization of my paintings. “ In a very abstract work approach, he plays on the variations of colors and patterns.His work is done freely, without sketches or preparation in advance. The color composition is free, almost wild.

Very influenced in particular by the pastel tones of Wes Anderson, the patterns of Damian Hirst or the murals of Thiago Thipan, Nathanaël likes to combine different layers without apparent connection to each other and reveal their harmony.

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