Mike Perry

Mike Perry is an artist, animator, creative director, brand consultant, poet, and designer. His work encompasses paintings, drawings, sculptures, art installations, books, murals, all of which are made to conjure that feeling of soul-soaring you have when you stare into distant galaxies on a dark night, when you go on long journeys into the imagination, when you laugh and can’t stop laughing. Key to Mike’s working method is the recognition that art and objects, go through many iterations—discoveries, coverings, uncoverings—until they’re finished; people do the same until they are fully revealed. He likes to cultivate collectives of celebration, exhibition, and revelation.


To consume is to be alive we consume as a species we consume as a part of our existence, but to be an artist, and have someone consume what you make is the biggest compliment. No one has to consume the things that you will away at in your time, no one has to care about the things that you make, but when someone consumes the thing that you have created it’s a gift.

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